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Events in 2002

    At the beginning of March the fund has sent out informational material to the regional elementary- and high schools of Komárno to encourage students, parents and teachers of these schools to join the fight against cancer. Countless students and hundreds of adults have joined the prevention- and instructional program under the name of "Day of Daffodils". The most active participants were the students of the Komensky Elementary School, the Selye János high school, the Drien Street Elementary School in Bratislava and the Elementary School in Keszegfalva. On The Day of Daffodils the fund has received donations of over 19 490 Sk.

    In early summer, with the help of the Fitness Center in Komárom the fund has organized the cultural program of "Children For The Children". The programme was very successful, as on the stage of the Amphitheatre in Komárom, over 263 participants had performances including students of various elementary- and high schools and the students of an elementary school in Győr. It was a heart-breaking experience to see as healthy and mentally challenged children have performed their acts together. From the charitable entry fees over 17 050 Sk was raised to help other children who suffer from cancer. During this programme the fund has handed over material gifts of over 100 000 Sk in value to the Oncology Department of the Children's Hospital in Bratislava, and has given gifts of books, toys and money to additional 9 children worth 68 550 Sk.

    At the end of July in Farná a mountain-bike race has begun, which was organized by the local touristic and cyclist club. The "Farná XC Cup of 2002" had the following motto: "Let's support cancerous children with sport!" The organizers have given a donation of 11 145 Sk to the fund from the entry- and registration fees.

    In the beginning of September, The Eötvös Street Nursery School, The Nursery School Community of Komárno and the Fund of Dorothy Kantha together have organized the First Football Marathon of Komárno with the motto "Let's support cancerous children with sport". There was an enormous interest about the marathon, that’s why matches have been played until 10 o'clock in the evening. Teams of five have matched up against each other, playing 37 matches without a break. 370 participants have joined the programme, including students of nursery-, elementary- and high schools even universities. Over 400 sports fans have cheered at the players in the sports hall. The fund’s income has been 10 850 Sk.

    In November in the halls of the Dunamenti Museum the Borostyán band has held a charitable concert. A sum of 11 400 Sk in total, -donated by the members of the audience- has been given to the Fund.

    The Artistic School in Komárom and the Fund of Dorothy Kantha together have organized the "1st Charitable Christmas Concert" in which students, teachers of the school as well as members of the chamber orchestra Comorra have performed. The Fund's income from the donations was 25 100 Sk, which was given to the elementary school located next to the Children’s Hospital in Bratislava to help their work. The Fund has given Christmas presents and money to additional 15 children in value of 81 950 Sk. Christmas is the most beautiful holiday of the year. With the gifts presented, we wanted to help cancerous children in their recovery and to support their families in funding the expensive treatment, during which the harmful side effects of the chemotherapy are removed.

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