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About us

    FUND OF DOROTHY KANTHA for helping the children suffering from cancerous diseases, a non-investment fund, mail address: Záhradnícka street 16, 945 01 Komárno, Identification number: - IČO: 36 096 334. Account number (IBAN): SK4411000000002628846182.

    Vaza The Foundation was registered by the Local Department of Nitra under the ID of OVVS/NF-2/2001 on 12th of February, 2001. The FUND OF DOROTHY KANTHA has been founded in the loving memory of the 11 year old Kantha Dóra who has been fighting her leukemia from 7th of June 2000 for 7 months, however, despite having promising test results that gave a hope for her recovery on 25th of December 2000 complications have arisen and she has lost the battle against the disease.

Our goals

    The Foundation is protecting the rights of children who suffer from cancer and helps their recovery. It is aimed at improving the quality of healthcare, at the prevention of the disease, at making the fight against cancer more effective and at making the conditions better at which children afflicted with these illnesses are recovering. Dórika és Dávid


    Clicking on the link below, you can view the report of the activities of The Fund of Dorothy Kantha. By clicking on the small icon, you can download the report in .doc format. The Events section of this webpage offers additional reports and galleries of our activities.

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