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Day of Daffodils 2008

    In April, together with the Anticancer League, the foundation had organized the Day of Daffodils for the seventh time. The Flower shop Florist Tímea had given 5 boxes of little plastic daffodils to the foundation, that were once again distributed by the students of local elementary- and secondary schools in Komárno and its outskirts. Aim of the event was to draw attention to the fight against cancer. Student have started preparations for the event back during the Easter holidays. 130 student have prepared 4500 daffodils to be distributed on 11th of April. The most active participants were the students of the elementary school in Nemesócsa and in Csicsó, the Eötvös and the Work street elementary schools in Komárno; the Selye János and L. J. Šulek high schools and the Drien street elementary school in Bratislava. According to the participating student, more and more people are expressing their solidarity with the ill children and the number of people offering their help increases as well. The event created by the Anticancer League has an informational purpose as well: spreadsheets and various informational material is distributed along with the daffodils to draw attention to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the necessity for checking our medical results every now and then. On The Day of Daffodils the fund has received donations of over 60 100 Sk in total.

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