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For Children with Hockey

    The charitable programme “For Children with Hockey” was organized by the Fund of Dorothy Kantha and the ice hockey club Hurricanes in Komárno. Once again, Tibor Horján, leader of the HK Hurricanes has been the head organizer of the event. This time four teams joined the tournament. Along with the HC Kramáre from Bratislava, the Sport V.I.P. and the local HK Hurricanes, the team of HC Kojetín from Moravia has joined the fight as well. The complete income of the tournament has been given to two local boys, Peter Prohászka and Ferenc Csillag by the Fund of Dorothy Kantha. At both of the boys, bone cancer has been diagnosed, in the meanwhile one of Peter’s legs had to be amputated and Ferenc was looking forward to an operation in Prague. One of the most cheerful fans of the doctors’ team from Bratislava was in fact the little Peter Prohászka. In total, 46 800 Sk has been collected from the income of tournament, yet the fund of Dorothy Kantha has given 30-30 000 Sk to the boys to help their recovery!

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