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Events in 2010

    The Fund of Dorothy Kantha and Local Art School organized 8-th Christmas Benefit Performance on 13th December 2010 in Komarno. The Performance was started by a little surprise. The audience was watching a short memorial movie about Dorothy. During the first part of performance the students of the Department of Music were playing and singing the melody of Silent Night. In the next part of performance a violin virtuoso Tibor Bertók was performing. Nowadays, Tibor is the student of Philharmonic in Gyor (Hungary) and he has got a lot of great music awards within the last years.

    During the second part of program the students of the Department of Dance were dancing to the songs Disco Jingle Bells and Merry Christmas. They also presented a dance creation which they called Hope. Exactly by this choreography they won the first prize of Slovak dancers in Piestany (Slovakia) and the second prize on the International Festival in Kaposvar (Hungary). During the last part of Christmas Performance two teachers of Local Art School had performance: Renata Kuczman - teacher of singing and two piano teachers – Maria Mihaly and Zuzana Kalmar. The concert was finished by the violinist Bela Balazs and the guitarist Miklos Moncz, who were playing a duet.

    Also this year the representatives of the Fund of Dorothy Kantha invited for the Christamas Benefit Performance ten ill children who were given the different presents, toys, books, CD and DVD records and a gift in the value of 200€ for each of them by Mrs. Maria Kantha. Ten children in Hospice Plamienok were given 300€ for each of them by the Fund of Dorothy Kantha.

    Children's Oncology Clinic with polyclinic in Bratislava suggested to hand over 300€ donated by the Fund of Dorothy Kantha to each of thirteen children who are being treated for cancer.

    A culminating point of the performance was when Mrs. Maria Kantha hanged over a symbolic cheque and pack of presents in amount of 6.650€ to MUDr. Andrej Cizmar from Children's Oncology Clinic. The pack of presents included apparatuses as for example, GERONTO Elixir BRT, Zepter BIOPTRON healing lamps and medical preparat Herpik. All the apparatuses, products or medical preparats can help to reduce the negative effects of chemoterapy.

    Administrators of the event made for the audience one more surprise. By means of digital technology the video of ten years' activity of the Fund of Dorothy Kantha was projected. It included the slides from different events arranged by the Fund of Dorothy Kantha, e.g., Christmas Concerts, Football Marathon and the events connected with “Scottish stone of Kindness”.

    Since 2001 the Fund of Dorothy Kantha has donated to ill children with cancer and other disabled children and to Children's Faculty Hospital with Polyclinic in Bratislava gifts of total value of 202.625€.

    At the end of the performance the manager of the Fund Mrs. Maria Kanthova expressed thanks to all administrators of the event, volunteers, donors and everybody who helps the fund by paying over 2 per cents of the taxes and finally, there was a great applause. A donated sum of 810 € of the concert will again be used to help seriously ill children.

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