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VI. Christmas Benefical Concert

    On 10th of December The Fund of Dorothy Kantha and the Art School in Komárno had organized the Christmas Charity Evening together for the sixth time in its history. In the first part of the orchestra, students of the art school were in the spotlight, performers included the chamber orchestra of the school, Zoltán Benkó and Tibor Bertók. After the play of the young actors, Maria Kantha has handed over presents in the name of the foundation, mainly to the small patients of the oncology department of the Children’s Clinic in Bratislava: in value of 100 000 Sk. 5 children treated in the bonds of the Lángocska organization have received gifts in value of 60 000 Sk and additional 15 children have been given 100 000 in total. At later stages of the programme, dancers have been entertaining the audience. Pupils of Andrea Hodek and Éve Berecz could show their talent on the stage. In the second part, Ondrej Čižmár, oncologist of the Children’s hospital has accepted the donations of Ceragem brand massage beds in the name of the clinic. These massage beds will be used by the patients of the department. In the final parts of the show, teachers of the art school amused the audience with their brilliant play and singing talent. From the donations of the audience, 40 100 Sk has been collected during the night.

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