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For Children with Hockey

    The charitable programme “For Children with Hockey” was organized by the Fund of Dorothy Kantha and the ice hockey club Hurricanes Komárno. On this tournament, three teams have matched up against each other. The amateur hockey players of Komárno formed a team that was lead by Tibor Horján. The team of Sport V.I.P. Bratislava made of Miloš Mečíř, Jozef Lohyňa, Ľubo Roman and local sport figures like Mihály Riszdorfer, Richárd Riszdorfer, György Tarr and Zoltán Szabó. The third team, HC Kramáre has been made of various doctors from Bratislava. Spectators could enjoy an exciting match and during the breaks they could witness the fabulous performance of the acrobatic skater girls from Tatabánya that has been a very big success. Altogether 19 000 Sk in donations has been collected, this way the foundation could help the recovery of the young Adam Sátek from Bátorkeszi with 25 000 Sk.

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